Living the Dream while Raising a Family

3 Jan

When I became a parent for the first time in 2004, I had little idea as to how much my world would change. You would think that a gestation period of nine months, a relentless desire to consume every leading birth and parenting book published in Australia, and a supportive, loving partner, would keep one in reasonable stead for parenthood.  Think again!

While I was forewarned about the loss of sleep, the re-direction of focus from myself to another human being and the need for a more restrained social life; I had not expected the all-consuming feelings of love, worry, guilt and at times, isolation.  Nor was I prepared for the painful loss of my wonderful father to that ugly disease cancer, just three months prior to having my daughter.  The intense grief was a lonely path that few of my friends had experienced and even fewer wished to acknowledge.  My guess is that it was just too confronting.  While my daily life seemed to be turning into a repetitious existence comparable to Groundhog Day, everyone around me seemed to be travelling at warp speed.  Life after the death of a loved one really does go on (at least for the unaffected around you), and that observation, hit me hard.

My new work environment (home) and the lack of consistent daily contact with friends and colleagues lead me to a lonely and confusing place where my feelings of positive self-identity morphed and eroded.  Now, when I looked in the mirror, I found myself unsteadied by the image of a newer version of me – one that I did not always recognise or feel comfortable with.

It seems that other people also had trouble recalling the old me.  Friendships were neglected or threatened by the fact that I was no longer readily available for late night outings or spontaneous adventures abroad.  I no longer received the Thursday night shout outs to see what was going down on the weekend, nor did I have personal work dramas to commiserate over with my fellow comrades. My invisibility as an individual became glaringly apparent a few years and a set of perfect twins later, when I questioned one of my husband’s friends about how he had fared in a recent job interview.  His response “Oh I think I nailed it! I knew all the answers to the questions they asked me. It would be like someone asking you about being a mum – it’s all you have ever really known so it was pretty easy.”

Ouch!  As I sat there with what I hoped was an encouraging smile on my face, my internal voice screamed something along the lines of like “Excuse me?! I have two degrees, have travelled to at least 10 countries having all sorts of life changing experiences, had considerable professional success in a range of areas, a passion for learning new things and a wardrobe of skinny jeans and high heels and I am not, (repeat NOT) JUST a mummy!”

Fast forward to almost 7 years of being “just” a mummy and I have to admit that it has only been the past three years or so that I have readily embraced the term.  Being a parent does not define all of who I am but it’s definitely my most important role. I have never worked harder at something, learnt so much about human psychology and physiology, or experienced such intense joys.

This blog reflects my personal journey to becoming a ‘happy mum at home’.  It is also a place where I will share valuable resources and information on how I choose daily to “live the dream while raising a family”.  As a parent, success coach and more importantly a human being, I believe I am a lot like you.

I strive to live a life beyond mediocrity, a life of greatness that is measured by the amount I live, love and learn. While I do not profess to have all the answers, I might just have some of them – garnered through a lot of study, research, reading, beta-testing, and numerous moments of frustration and despair!

So, as I welcome you to my blog, I also thank you in advance for your comments and sharing of experience.  I hope you enjoy it and find something of relevance to your life.

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2 Responses to “Living the Dream while Raising a Family”

  1. Impressed February 19, 2011 at 9:40 am #

    Wow, what a way to open a blog. This is the sort of opener that master, page-turner novelists only hope to achieve. Thnx for the insights…

  2. Leah February 20, 2011 at 12:47 pm #

    What a wonderfully inspiring entry. The raw expression of thoughts and emotion truly brings your writing to life, and touches the reader.
    All the best is this journey Kirri.

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